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connecting us with place, community and self

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Designing for a Positive Legacy: Net-Positive Development Workshop

Event Registration Online for Designing for a Positive Legacy: Net-Positive Development Workshop...
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Hands On Permaculture Workshop

Like to get your hands in the earth & learn about Permaculture by DOING IT? Are you looking...
  • Morag Gamble
  • Evan Raymond
Would you like to learn permaculture by DOING IT? Find inspiration & guidance to set up your permaculture garden. An International Permaculture Day event.
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Young Ethos Scholars

an Ethos Foundation STEAM program for gifted and talented children STEAM: Science • Technology...
  • Morag Gamble
  • Katusha Smith
  • Tony Johnston
  • Alison McDonald
  • Dr Helen Fairweather
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Welcome to Ethos

The Ethos Foundation, established 2005, is a not-for-profit holistic learning organisation based in the award-winning ecovillage in Queensland, Australia.  We exist to provide inspiration, skills and renewal for people who are working to make a better world. We are inspired by centres across the world such as Schumacher College, England.

  • We seek to inspire positive action and cultivate effective new thinking for positive change. We explore ecologically sustainable futures which nurture happiness, personal and planetary wellbeing and which connects us with place, community and self.
  • We offer a learning hub that cultivates new ways of being for healthier, more peaceful, just and sustainable societies.
  • We foster deep learning about our interdependence with the natural world, our essential interconnectedness with one another, and our capacity to create and innovate together for fulfilling futures.
  • We encourage work in the humanities and sciences that makes human life more meaningful and our communities more vibrant and resilient.
  • We provide space for the cultivation of evolving consciousness and wellbeing.
  • We support people in developing and embracing sustainable practices in their personal lives, their families, their enterprises and their communities.
  • We connect with our food system and support the nurturing of a new generation of sustainable farmers.


University support for programs

The Young Ethos Scholars STEAM Program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)...
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Young Ethos Scholars Program launched

The Young Ethos Scholars Program is set to be launched this week – a program of ecological...
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Ethos Farm – we’ve started!

Work has started at the Ethos Farm at Crystal Waters.  Our new 2 acre site in the heart of the...
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