Crystal Waters is the first village in the world designed using the principles of permaculture design.

The ecovillage received the United Nations World Habitat Award for demonstrating sustainable and low impact ways of living.

The village is home to over 220 people of many nationalities and all ages, and has been evolving since 1988. Just 14% of the land is owned by residents in Freehold Title, the rest is community land for forests, lakes, agriculture, roads, eco-enterprises, sourdough organic bakery, camping sites and cafe facilities.

There are many types of natural buildings, appropriate technology, water management systems, an educational farm, many permaculture home gardens, food forests, bamboo grove, animal systems, composting systems. Also, seed saving, bees and abundant wildlife.

Kangaroos and wallabies are a common sight. We often also see echidna and turtles. Every now and then we glimpse a platypus in the Mary River, or hear a koala in the adjacent forest. The birdsong in the morning is such a wonderful way to be greeted by the day.  With over 30 species of frog nighttime sound of echoing frogs rings out through the night.

Ethos programs happen throughout the ecovillage. The village is our campus. We run programs in the Ethos Farm, in the rammed Earth Ecocentre, exploring people’s homes and gardens and in various sections of common land.

Crystal Waters has a camping ground and bunkhouse cabin, and there are many cabins throughout the village. The monthly market takes place on the first Saturday of each month and you can get seedlings, herbs, fresh fruit and vegetables, organic sourdough bread, upcycled products, aboriginal paintings, natural products


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