History of Ethos

The Ethos Foundation was founded in 2004 to provide a broad range of courses to support lifelong learning for people in all walks of life.

 Ethos took its lead from a range of learning centres that were already providing  courses in other parts of the world. A small study group attended the first worldwide centre meeting at HollyHock in Canada in 2003 and the idea of the centre was born.

 The centre was to be based in a dedicated community at Binna Burra, Queensland where people could live and there was to be a program centre with a range of teaching from local and overseas people. Whilst local authority approvals where being sort, Ethos joined forces with the Courageous Conversations started by Sally MacKinnon who went on to be the Foundations’ first Program Director.

Whilst the centre at Binna Burra did not eventuate, the Ethos Foundation continued growing over the next ten years developing an excellent reputation in the consulting fields of sustainability and permaculture with the idea of creating a centre where the original vision could be realized. 

 The Board recently expanded to broaden its reach. The Ethos Foundation has now chosen Crystal Waters in Conondale, Queensland to be its centre for all teaching and farming activities and will start its main programs in 2015. We are delighted to have Morag Gamble as the CEO and Program Director.

 The Ethos Foundation continues to grow with leadership from folk people involved in the early days combined with new energy and support of others to be involved in its future.

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